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This is not about comparison, about the artwork from old master artist is something you hardly find nowadays. They are really unique as the combination of imaginative manifestation and excellence technique. The names that held old master title, there are some them. First, it is Francisco Goya. His painting skill is uncountable. He has at least three masterpieces during his life; they are The Second of May, 1808, Naked Maja and The Colossus. As a painter Goya is excellence, he even gain some achievements during his life. However, as a husband of Josefa Bayeu, his is not typical a loyal one, even though he only gain children with her. However, as a father, he is unquestionable.

Second, another old master artist is Diego Velazquez. You must know him for his admirable paintings such as Las Meninas, The Triumph of Bacchus, and The Surrender of Breda. Besides becoming a painter with brilliant style, Velazquez has responsibility to care palace works (some of them) and become wardrobe assistant. As an old master, he is known for both realistic and complex style. Since his life as an artist his patron is from royalties so that he gets enough pensions to live properly when he retires from his job.

Third, you may find Peter Paul Rubens as another old master artist around 19th century. His blessed-skill as painters make him becomes a trustworthy court painter. Because of his capability to negotiate with particular issues makes him become one of influential artist in his era. He creates many beautiful pieces, however the following are the masterpieces such as The Battle of Anghiari, Raising the Cross, and Lion Hunt. In fact, he is not merely an artist that produces the artworks, but he is also a fine art collector who loves to admire the other artist artworks.

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